Tuesday, 4 August 2015

E-Waste = Problem or The Option

By Devesh Dandotiya   Posted at  8/04/2015 10:29:00 pm   refurbhished No comments

Year by year and technology by technology, the gulf of e-waste is continuously stretching its shores. The heap is going high beyond our imagination. But it’s by the rule that the coming obsoletes the old and future is the tomorrow’s present, means the latest technology will go outdated for the nascent. And this process of new-old-new has become very fast, in fact the manufacturing of future is in process while present is taking birth.

But the one thing to be noticed here is the Old! If New is ready on every gate to hold place of the Old then where the Old will go. What will be its future? Who will take care of it, or is it just thrown as waste?

Most of us pile and dump old electronics as garbage and never use them again. But do we even know that this growing garbage of unused electronics constitutes the heap of e-waste, which turns back as a major threat to us and our environment. Frankly, we can say that electronic garbage, e-waste or electronic scrap is one of the fastest growing problems in the world and many environmentalists are eagerly concerned for the increasing e-waste space.

E-waste or e-scrap counts unused gadgets, TV, computers, refrigerators, washing machine, equipments and other electronic devices. The matter of grave concern is not the machines but their improper disposal which causes huge danger to our health and environment, as the release of toxic chemicals like lead, cadmium, dioxins from burnt plastics/PVC, mercury, etc. can make serious health problems. On a data, approx 90% country’s electronic scrap is being disposed or re-cycled unofficially.

Worldwide, more than 50mn metric ton of e-waste is disposed every year. However, only 2% of total waste is electronic, but it stands at about 70% of total toxic waste. But what to do, every year the graph of e-waste is growing high due to the more and more electronic disposal in avidity of the latest technology creating a complex problem.

But GreenDust thinks a step ahead of all these problems, and not only finding solution for e-waste but also developing it as an option. Yup, you read it right. GreenDust is pioneer in the field of refurbishing and e-waste management. It manages e-waste, repairs or refurbish and then re-sells the products in a fully authenticated process, seeding the foundation for greener and cleaner tomorrow.


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