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Booming Market of Refurbished Mobile Phones

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India is considered to be the next superpower. Be it specialty and luxury goods or be it daily consumer goods, India has changed the way businesses are turning things upside down. The newest craze in the country is that of refurbished factory seconds products. This category mainly consists of providing refurbished electronics and gadgets. The refurbished mobile phones in India is a great market for a developing country as it provides with the branded products that you can use.

People have a misconception that all refurbished products are used. They are not necessarily used but they may be the product kept on display or demo and hence the seal might have been broken. The seal once broken cannot be counted as brand new good and hence has to be labeled as refurbished. With almost 60-70% of the population being tech savvy, it becomes necessary to have a market for refurbished mobile phones in India.

The refurbished mobile phones also gain for a stronger growund owung to the fact that people India are conservative and would not like to spend more than the price written. But it always sounds interesting to pay less than what is written on the product. The e-commerce model is based on this tactic. Most e-commerce companies are making ground for ore customer base and to increase its brand recogonition. One of the main arms that theys use is the introducton of such sales promotion techniques. The refurbished mobile phones in India do sell their products too on a discount.

The most selling category is the Factory Seconds Mobile phones. These are refurbished fully and provided to the customers keeping in mind the needs of the consumers. These goods undergo a refurbishment process and are checked and tested before passing on to the market for the end sale. Companies lke GreenDust does a little extra by providing its seal of trust on every product along with a warranty of 1 year free of cost. They also provide the facility of an extended warranty plan.

Like most online shopping companies, +GreenDust also provides discounts and free shipping in India. This paves the way for the Refurbished Mobile Phones in India.

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  1. Buying an Refurbished Smartphone is a right choice when you don't want to dig a hole in your pocket. But Warranty and the price comparisons are the two important aspects for buying Second Hand Refurbished Smartphones.


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