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Competition among Online Electronics Shopping Sites

By Anonymous   Posted at  5/20/2013 04:57:00 am   online-shopping 1 comment

The easiest and the fastest method of shopping today are undoubtedly online. Various websites and their features are so capturing that nobody can ever think of going traditional while shopping. All the more, electronic goods are the most bought category of products while shopping. Online electronics shopping had increased via the use of net. As far as the shopping websites are concerned most of them trade in this category and specially provide branded goods. That makes it easier to make purchases from such shopping websites.

The advantages of such online shopping websites are:   

  • Free services for goods 
  • Free coupons for goods 
  •  Large variety of goods
  • Free shipping and delivery of goods
  • Saves time and money
  • Window shopping
  • comparability features 

Easy to use gadgets and website features help us more to get to the root of online shopping. It has become an easy source of buying electronics. Now a day’s people do not necessarily buy online but they research online about different products and their prices so that they can be updated about the latest n the market.

A lot of such websites offer comparability features which help them carefully compare products before buying them. The weapon that all these websites use is marketing gimmicks. The online electronics shopping companies are competing with each other, to lure the customers so that they keep coming to the same websites again and again. Statistics show that only 5 – 8% customers come back to the same websites. In short we can term them to be loyal customers but mostly all are shifting loyals as they keep on searching for more discounts or more websites and buy their products from those websites.
Other marketing gimmick is to lure them by advertising coupons and deals. Most of the websites have deals according to the days, festive seasons or the time of the day. Customers literally sit and wait for the offers so that they can grab the best of offers. Electronics Shopping From GreenDust has become a red ocean.

1 comment:

  1. isnt that true???? but such competing websites just makes us more happier with hefty offers!!!


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